Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I ordered most of my seeds for this season online. Most of them are heirloom-varieties, they are open pollinated, so with a bit of work I will be able to save my own seeds for future seasons. There are many companies selling seeds of old plant cultivars, just search the web for 'Heirloom Seeds'. One German organization that specialises in the conservation of old varieties is Dreschflegel EV. They also sell seeds.

Below is a list of what I planted:

Cucumbers / Gherkin:
Lemon Cucumber
Mexican Sour Gherkin
West Indian Burr Gherkin
Dragons Egg Cucumber
Boston Pickling
Suyo Long Chinese Cucumber
Miniature White Cucumber
Armenian Cucumber

Rosa Bianca Eggplant
Thai White Ribbed
Turkish Orange ( didn't make it )

Bishops Crown Pepper
+ 10 seeds from a mixed back of sweet pepper varieties

Reisetomate (Voyager Tomato)
Pink Accordion Tomato
Tlacolula Pink Tomato
Pink Pondarosa
+ 30 seeds from a mixed bag of these heirloom tomatoes:
Omars Lebanese
Golden Sunburst
Black Russian
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Djena Lee's Golden Girl
Black Prince
Early Cascade
Flame Orange
Garden Peach
Green Zebra
Lime Green Salad
Pink Ping Pong
Pink Oxheart
Prudens Purple
Silvery Fir Tree
Black Crim
Black from Tula
Cream Sausage
Brandywine Pink
Cherokee Purple

Prescott Fond Blanc Melon
Tiger Melon
Jelly Melon Kiwano ( African Horned Cucumber )
Common Foo Gwa ( didn't make it )
Swiss Chard ( Rainbow blend )
Miscellaneous Summer Squash mix
Turk's Turban

I chose mostly fruiting plants, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants. Their fruits are sculptural entities to me: I can isolate them for photographic studies, similar to what I have done in the Mutato-Project. In the future I will expand the studies to entire plants, such as lettuce or cabbages, but for now it is easiest for me to concentrate on the fruiting parts of plants.

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