Monday, July 19, 2010

The Farm

After months of starting seedlings, researching and building SIPs I was able to establish a small farm that is spread over several locations. Part of it is at home: in my studio and on the balcony, I called it Mutatofarm K31 (Kuglerstrasse 31). The other part is at the developing AIR (Artist In Residency) P142 (Pistoriusstrasse 142). I called it Mutatosatellitefarm P142. The people from P142 where so kind to let me use their garage rooftop and a small strip of land for in ground growing.
I build a wooden platform for 40 SIPs on the garage roof. The platform helped to compensate for the slight angle of the roof, to install gangplanks to walk on and trellis for the plants to climb on. I got most of the wood from Kunst-Stoffe, a place that recycles and resells used building materials to local artists.
I'm also collecting rainwater from the roof of the main house as well as from the garage roof that the SIPs are standing on. The water runs into a 750 liter giant bucket, "the jacuzzi", and is being pumped up with an electric pump for watering, excess water runs back into the jacuzzi.

Below is an schematic diagram of the P142 Mutatosatelliterooftopfarm:

This is what the farm looked like in the beginning:

This was two weeks ago, with the trellis system installed:
Most plants are doing fine except for the squash plants at the bottom right, they have the sunniest spot and might have just gotten too hot, as temperatures soared in the past few weeks.

The tomato row, about a week ago:

Below is the Mutatofarm K31. The Plants had a head start and grew up indoors, so they didn't have to suffer through the unusually wet and cold Berlin spring.

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  1. All I can say is WOW! Awesome work, we had a little garden this summer ...yours is more like a co-op!